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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why you shouldn't shop Wal-Mart

So I know everyone loves the prices at wal-mart but there are some extremely un-American things about how walmart does business. Originally, how supply and demand worked was a factory would make a product and then go to the stores and offer it for them to sell and tell them what price it was. Now walmart tells the factories what it wants and how much it will pay for it and sits the factory representatives down in a small room and make them bid right there at what they can sell the product for! Since most American companies pay people reasonable salaries and supply healthcare and benefits to its employees, they cannot even come close to what the Chinese representatives can sell for. The un-American part is that by buying these cheap chinese products, you are supporting "slave labor". The average pay for these people is about 21 cents an hour! -with no insurance, no union, no decent working conditions, and ARMED chinese military personell watching over them. On Frontline on PBS it shows 15 women sitting on cheap folding chairs, scrapping name brand jeans with sandpaper on their laps, and going to the bathroom in a hole in the ground, five feet away without as much as a curtain to block the view! So if you want yourself and your kids to work like that, and you want to support the communist chinese government who wont even allow free speech, freedom of religion, or any other important freedom, by all means, shop wal-mart! By the way, the trade deficit with China was 265 billion dollars last year (2005) and Wal-Mart posted profits of 235 billion, coincidence? Yeah right.

Chinese agents are here!
Even google & yahoo help the commies!


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