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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why the Republicans in government SUCK!

Okay, to start, I have a confession. I voted for GW the first time just because I thought Gore was not a proper "representative" for our country. Now look at where we are! The whole initial cause for us to go to war was to get Osama, and as I post this he is happily breathing somewhere FIVE YEARS after conducting his 9/11 operation. Well, I know it can't be that easy so I will cut a break on that front. I won't even go into Iraq (though Bushie didn't have a prob with that). Katrina is my biggest pet peeve right now though. For the low cost of 300 million of your dollars, the government bought 11,000 mobile homes. Good idea right? Well, since Bush appointed all his buddies to key positions in FEMA, it is sooooo clogged up with bureacratic BULLSHIT that all the trailers are still sitting, unoccupied, in Arkansas! In a cow pasture no less, so that every time it rains, they sink a little bit more. Now these geniuses have ordered 44,000 jacks to prop them up instead of just releasing them to the evacuees living in hotels on yours and my dime! The bottom line is the only thing Republicans know how to do is get elected on LIES and once they are in, they don't have a damn clue about WTF is going on!
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  • Is it just me or does it seem unreasonable to replace the homes that were with moblie homes? After all we are talking about an area where hurricanes are not unheard of obviously. The quick fix solution is far from a solution, the government should be building homes buy investing in programs like habitat for humanity not by tring to cover their own ass and providing an instant so called solution.

    By Anonymous the sans, at 11:41 AM  

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