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Friday, March 17, 2006

C'mon Dems, get it together!

OK, so now that the Republicans are dropping like flies following scandal after scandal and failure after failure, it is time for the Democrats to unite and get a clear plan out to the masses.

1. First, they need a fresh strategy in Iraq. Inviting other Arab countries to join the coalition and help police the Iraqis, then the battle is won. The insurgency must be rooted out by the people living in Iraq, so there must be a way to inform the authorities where citizens of Iraq are safe and secure from reprisal. Focusing on closing the border from Syria and Iran are definitely top priority.

2. The Dems need to bust Bush on Osama. The Democrats would not seem so sissy-like on defense if they increased the number of troops in Afganistan and focused on infiltrating Al-Queda and remembering who started this war in the first place (five frigging years ago) and popping a cap in his ass.

3. Play the nationalized healthcare card. The money that has been spent in Iraq could have paid for national healthcare for 3 years, but I guess that money is better spent killing people who in no way threatened us. The entire nation is sick and tired of Republicans working with lobyists to create legislation that favors big business and SCREWS the people of the United States!

4. Back each other up. The Democrats need to support one another, especially the Dems that have the balls to stand up to this Republican White House, Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court. Russ Fiengold's Censure of the President needed to be backed by the Democrats as a whole, and then people will see how helpless the Democrats are when it comes to fighting this corruption.

5. Raise trade tariffs on China and propose an "international minimum wage" to force chinese slave labor to compensate their people accordingly. They also need to pound the American companies that move their factories over there with a whole new tax to make it less lucrative.

6. Play on the National Debt and the National Trade Deficit. The Republicans have ruined the countries financial being by running up both record deficits (285 billion with china in '05) and record national debt (now up to 9,000,000,000,000). And they are supposed to be the "controlled spenders" Alex P. Keaton, burn in hell!

7. Demand an investigation into the illegal wiretapping of Americans! This could very well be out of control, but nobody knows except the White House and the NSA.

8. Propose REAL LOBBYING REFORM! Lobbyists are ruining the way the government functions by greasing everyone from Duke Cunningham (the republican war hero) to Tom Delay (the former Republican majority leader) as well as top White House advisors. Everyone is getting rich except the Citizenry! Some public SERVANTS!

So if the Democrats follow these rules, they will come out on top!!!!!


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